September 26, 2011

rainy days.

                                                           Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest

This is me today. Minus the boots, which I'd love to own. And well, the rain wasn't must of a surprise today. It's been rainy for days.

But the mood it put me in - that was a surprise. It probably has to do with M taking the day off of work yesterday and spending it with us. Yesterday was the first day in 3 weeks that we've spent together. We probably won't get a day again for the next 2-3 weeks.

I am on top of things today. I've made breakfast, lunch and a yummy pot of chili for dinner. It's only 2 in the afternoon, mind you. Finished the dishes and laundry. Tackled my to-do list. And when L wakes up from her nap, we'll be making these.

                                                                                   Source: None via kristy on Pinterest

Cute, right? We can fake the sun for today.

It's just been a good, productive day. Plus, the rain makes a good backdrop for cozy days of watching TV and reading books. Lucky for me, Gossip Girl premieres tonight!

I don't have the case of the Mondays this week. How about you?

I've got sort of an unspoken request. I don't to jinx us, so if you could send any good prayers and vibes our way - I would be so thankful!

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