September 10, 2011

p365 - week 36.

Welcome to week 36 of project 365. Also known as the week that I really sucked. I have to get my crap together and get back to pulling out my camera (at the very least, the camera on my iPhone).

246.  No picture and no idea what we did :(
247. Notice the big cup of sweet tea? Yea, she got that honest.
248. Playing around in the backyard.
249. Just hanging out, eating a snack :)
250. The only picture I took that day. It's my mom's dishes and I emailed it to my sister. That's sad.
251. Lunch with my baby girl.
252. The first meal we've had with M since Sunday. We had fun. And this describes my family perfectly: I'm trying to take a picture, M's got a great smile and L-bug is only concerned with the food!

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