September 18, 2011


                                                               Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Isn't that so true? And from one of my all-time favorite movies that happens to be playing right now.

Life is this crazy, fast, whirlwind experience. Especially with a toddler. Most days, I feel like I am never fully in the moment. I'm picking up something, or handing out "no"s and "stop that"s left and right or chasing after a little girl who likes to do things her way.

It's nice to sit back and just reflect. Just enjoy what's going on in the moment. Like right now. I've got my favorite movie in the background, my new apple crumble candle in an adorable owl holder and some free time for a little pinteresting browsing. It's nice. With M working a lot now, nap time is my only time for moments like this and I am soaking it up.


On a side note - we're going on a bobo detox today. We call Lia's pacifiers "bobos". Lately she has been a little too into her bobo. She will carry 2 or 3 around and switch them back and forth. It's a rare moment when there isn't a bobo in her mouth. So, I am cutting her back to just naps and bedtime. Once we get a good handle on that, I'll work on cutting it out completely. Eeks!\

I'm cutting back on work hours while M is working so I'll be home all the time with Lia now. I'm so excited for the upcoming months. Fall seasons are coming back on TV (did anyone catch The Secret Circle on CW?), cozy weather and more fun things to do with my girl as she grows older. Festivals & county fairs, my sister is moving home and holidays.  It's totally my favorite time of the year!


  1. So true about life! Weeks have been flying by and sometimes I feel like I need to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. Good luck with the paci weaning!

  2. I love that quote and the movie too of course. I think I'll copy from you and type it up and put it in a prominent place so I remember to slow down and look around.


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