September 5, 2011


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Happy Labor Day!

I searched for an appropriate picture to put here but nothing I did looks like anything in a labor day photo! Minus a little online shopping. Hello cheap F21 jewelry and free shipping (use code LABOR11)!

No cookouts, no family get togethers, no adorable red/white/blue inspired outfits, no goodbye summer party.

Just me and the L-bug. Chilling in the house all day in our pajamas.

M started his new job today. Oh, I didn't tell you? He got a temp job working with SAIC/FEMA to help with disaster relief from hurricane Irene. I am not sure how our days will look like from now on. When he works, he should be pulling 12 hour days, possibly 7 days a week. Hopefully something more permanent will come along but for now, we're thankful for this small blessing.

With summer coming to an end (although in NC, it'll be a little longer before the cool temps really settle in), here's to a cozy and hopeful next chapter in our lives. I am more than ready for a change. Cool temperatures. Cozy days tucked under a blanket watching "You've Got Mail" or "When Harry met Sally". Jumping in leaves with L. Apple picking and pumpkin carving. Apple desserts. Oh Fall, I am so ready for you.

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  1. I'm SO ready for fall too...but it's no where near close to out here (or so I'm told). We will see.

    That's wonderful that your hubby was able to find some work, even if it is only temporary. Maybe it'll turn into something more permanent and if not maybe in the mean time he'll be able to find something! Hope you had a wonderful weekend

  2. Yay for M! Hopefully it will lead him, or to someone, with the possibility of something more perm.! *fingers crossed*

    I hope you enjoy your day with baby girl!! I too am SO ready for Fall!

  3. PLEASE give your husband a huge hug from us in eastern Virginia. We were evacuated during Irene..and while we were driving back we saw endless disaster relief vehicles driving towards the damaged areas. I absolutely bawled my eyes out. We were so grateful!! Happy Labor Day!! We didn't really celebrate either..but that's just fine for us. : )


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