September 20, 2011


Let me preface this by saying: I blog better at night. Which is why lately, most of my blogs have been done at night. I do better when I have had my whole usually-chaotic day to sort my thoughts and most days, an idea will pop into my head. I don't do forced-blogging. Then, once I know the babe is down for the night and I've got my comfy worn-out yoga pants on then and only then can I sit at the computer and really have the mental state to get out what I need to get out. Side note: I look like an over-sized bumble bee tonight with my favorite black yoga pants and yellow tee. Meh.

Okay, now that it's all out there - big bumble bee reference and all, let's move on to costumes!

I pinterested costume ideas. Yeah, I just used that as a verb - like Google, only with the pinterest search bar :) I came up with an owl and a sheep. Both were totally cute. And homemade! But, Lia would have ripped the owl mask right off and the idea of glue-ing a ton of cotton balls to a sweatshirt lost it's appeal quickly.

Then this lovely picture showed up on the boards.

                                                                             Source: via kristy on Pinterest

It's perfect. And Lia can rock the pigtails like no other girl. First, I was going to order a cape off Etsy. I even had a coupon code for free arm bands from this awesome blogger but then I got a tutorial for a no-sew fleece cape from a friend. Score! I am really into making Lia's Halloween costumes for as long as I can.

One trip to the fabric store a few towns over, one trip to the craft store and 3 trips on the hunt for glue gun sticks later: a cape was born made!

Layed out, making sure the placement is just right before glue-ing.

This is my nephew. I dragged him out of bed to try it on. He totally said he didn't care if I told people it was him ;)

I think next time that I'll make the collar a little shorter. Otherwise, I think it's pretty cool. And, I love bragging to people that I made it myself!

But once I started making the cape - my mind started rolling. Another costume idea popped into my head: Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf! I threw around the idea of me and M going as that and L a superhero but I think I'll save it for next year. Maybe I'll be the grandma or maybe me and L will both be Red Riding Hood and M can be the Wolf!

Here's some (p)inspiration I found that I'll be saving for next year.

Lia has a traditional german dress, a dirndl, that my sister sent to her while they were living in Germany. She could use that and I could make a red cape. It looks simliar to this.

                                                                       Source: via kristy on Pinterest

                                                                      Source: via kristy on Pinterest

Of course, I would be the one to plan next year's costume before Halloween even arrives this year! Now, I've got to get more stuff and make two more capes. We're gonna be a super-hero family!

What are you planning for Halloween?


  1. such cute costumes, I love pinterest.. and halloween :) great job on the cape!

  2. The cape turned out perfect! Love it! Our little family of three was supposed to be dressing up as Barney, Betty and Bam Bam Ruble. My hubby has to work now and I'm rethinking costume ideas. Jax is OBSESSED with dinosaurs lately so I'm leaning towards that. Can't wait to see L dressed up!:)

  3. The cape is just darling! She is definitely going to rock it!


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