September 28, 2011

fall to-do list!

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and fell in lurve. I made a summer to-do list, why not make one for my favorite season!

                                                                                              Source: via kristy on Pinterest

You can bet if I knew anything about anything relating to photoshop or how to make a gorgeous list image like that - I would!

For now, I'll just be typing a list like last time.

Fall To-Do List
Go apple picking.
Carve a pumpkin.
Take L-bug to the Bronx Zoo. Or, any Boo at the Zoo event.
Drink hot cocoa with extra marshmallows.
Go to a pumpkin patch.
Repeat last years photo of Lia in a pile of leaves.
Make Lia's Halloween costume.
Bake an apple pie.
Jump in a pile of leaves.
Go trick-or-treating!
Have a picnic.
Go on a bike ride.
Watch "It's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown".
Go to a fair or street festival.
Make this pinecone garland.

I am sure I'll be adding more to this list - I LOVE Fall. But for now, this is it!

1 comment:

  1. Im drooling at the though of apple pie. I can smell it already! LOVE FALL!!!


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