September 1, 2011

after the storm.

We are okay.

Hurricane Irene hit us late Friday night. We lost power from Saturday morning around 8:30 AM to Sunday late afternoon around 4 pm. We were the lucky ones to get power back. Although as I type this power has been off/on. A lot of people in my town and the surrounding areas are still out of power. My brother didn't get it back until yesterday afternoon. The county over from ours was hit the hardest. Many people there are still trapped. Their houses are destroyed, the have no food or water. They are under orders to boil all water and all restaurants/food services have been shut down in case of food contamination. The news says that many people climbed to their attics to get away from the water flooding their homes and the streets and sadly, they are expecting to not find them alive.


I wrote this earlier...skip to a few days later. 

We lost power again for a few hours but it's since been restored. The communities are banning together, helping each other out. News channels are taking donations and keeping the news out there. We've donated canned/boxed food, water, bread, peanut butter. Whatever we had that could help. A lot of people still don't have power or food or shelter. Some people are still unaccounted for. 

My family and friends are okay. I am beyond thankful and blessed for that. We've managed to clean up our yard and others. The basement is still a bit of a mess as we've got our eyes on another storm possibly headed our way in the next two weeks and it would be silly to put things back in their place to pick them up again. Let's hope it dies out at sea!

Here's some pictures of the mess in our neighborhood.

1. tree down blocking our road
2. taking a walk to check out the damage
3. tree down on my neighbors house
4. debris in our front yard
5. tree blocking other end of our road
6. another tree on our road

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