August 26, 2011

we're bunkering down.

I guess my 24th year is going out with a bang. I turn 25 in 6 days. 3 of those will be spent bunkering down in the house during this major hurricane.

A lot of evacuations are happening on the east coast of North Carolina. So far, we don't have one in my town and until we do, we're sticking it out. Where would we go anyways? This hurricane is HUGE. I wasn't really worried until this morning. Our area hasn't seen a hurricane this size in about 20 years. Yikes.

We are expecting 17 inches of rain and 100 mph winds. Today has been spent cleaning up the yard of any thing that will go flying away in the winds, picking up the floor of the basement and moving things upstairs and we'll be putting buckets/bricks underneath the furniture soon.

This will be my last post for awhile. I expect we'll lose power, probably overnight. Maybe tomorrow. We're hoping for the best, preparing for the worst. At least, without the distraction of the TV and the computer, I can get some knitting & reading in. And, some quality family time in. Maybe a board game over candlelight ;)

I'll be sure to pop-in when all this is over! Until then, if you are expecting the storm - be safe and smart!

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  1. Be safe! Ron's on 12's this weekend just in case you guys need recovery on the East coast.


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