August 7, 2011

p365 - week 30 & 31.

204. Saturday night at the rodeo.
205. My nephew made me a Harry Potter cookie. It's supposed to be the deathly hallows.
206. A healthy & yummy lunch.
207. Dinner and a movie. One of the things I did while M and L were away in New York.
208. Getting ice cream with my nephew.
209. L-bug in New York, looking too grown.
210. My new shirts. Compliments of my amazing hubby.

211.  Breakfast in bed!
212. Pool party.
213. Tried a new dessert (I had a coupon). Not too bad!
214. Library books.
215. Teaching Lia to bake cookies. Her daddy's favorite
216. Being silly with mama at the pool.
217. Saying "cheese" during family dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Lia was such a big girl - no tantrums!

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