August 24, 2011

oh, irene.

Go away. No one really wants you here.

                                                                        Source: via kristy on Pinterest

We're expecting our first hurricane of the season this weekend. I am not excited about this. It makes me uneasy knowing our whole life is packed up in a storage unit and we (with some of our bedroom furniture) are living in my mom's basement. That floods. Lia (and all of her stuff) is fine. She stays upstairs in an extra room. We'll have to put bricks underneath all the furniture in the basement. And hope for the best.

We're prepping and planning and trying to get everything ready for worst-case scenarios. My parents have a generator. M took all of Lia's outdoor toys to storage. I'm planning on making a trip to the grocery store tonight to stock up on non-perishables, water and diapers/wipes.

I am really hoping this storm doesn't hit us. We were planning to go see Rodney Atkins on Saturday. Let's hope it's still on, mmkay?

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