August 2, 2011


I am tired!

It's been a very busy morning/afternoon for us. I, being so smart, stayed up until 1 AM watching The Bachelorette. Smart, right? I thought she was going to pick JP - I just hope it isn't a disaster like most of them end up as.

Then, we had a busy morning of things to do and places to go. This summer, I've been taking L-bug to the public library for toddler time. She isn't the best at sitting still and she mostly clings to me because crowds and noise are starting to freak her out but...she did improve in class week after week. She even clapped her hands a few times ;) So, today was the big reading party for those who read/or had someone read to them 10+ books. L isn't big on sitting still to read listen to books, unless Yo Gabba Gabba is plastered all over it. She squirmed her way through 10 books! And, she squirmed her way right out of that party shortly after we got there. She wasn't feeling it.

So instead, we picked out some books then headed to her pediatrician appointment. She has had some kind of bite on her finger a couple weeks and it's looking nasty and infected. After a very traumatic weight and temp check (she's almost 25 lbs thankyouverymuch!) the doctor gave us some topical cream with instructions to call if it isn't better by Friday. Let me tell you, doctor appointments are very hard now. 

We topped the day off with a trip to the Honda dealership, lunch at Bojangles where little miss ate food and drank her chocolate milk and sat in her highchair (a rare occasion these days), a trip to Target which entailed a few tantrums and new t-shirts for mama ($5, anyone?!) and finally a trip to the car registration place.

Luckily, we are back home and L is napping. We are both tired! And this mama still has to go to work tonight...until 12 AM. Fun times!

I just wanted to pop on here. It seems I have all the time in the world to blog and I have no time to blog.

I know it's a boring-day post but these days make me thankful. Thankful for my little family. Thankful things always end up okay. Thankful that I have a job. Just thankful.

I'll be back later this week for L's 19 month letter and one (maybe two) P365 posts.

Happy Tuesday! It is Tuesday...right? 

I am finally using something I found off of Pinterest...maybe I should join this challenge ;)
I'll be making these for dinner tonight. Doesn't it look yummy?

                                                                     Source: via kristy on Pinterest

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  1. oh good luck! I stayed up late watching Shark Week--I'm such a sucker! lol


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