August 8, 2011


My babe turned 19 months last week. It's getting to the point where she's looking more like a kid than a baby. I love it and I hate it.

You are such an amazing little girl. I love seeing your personality develop and see who you are.

You are so independent. In the past couple months, you've really grasped that you are capable of doing things on your own. You climb on furniture. You can climb into your booster seat when it's time to eat. You can tell us what you want, mostly with your body language. You understand most of what we say to you, you just choose when to listen!

We are in that stage where some days are incredibly fun and some days are incredibly tiring! You know you can do things on your own but you still don't understand some things are best for mama and papi to do. Like touch ovens...

You are learning to push yourself in your coupe car.

You copy EVERYTHING! The other day, I was showing you how to bake cookies. I was opening the oven with potholders and I closed the oven door with my knee. Well, you went right behind me and lifted your knee to help close the oven then threw your head back laughing!

That's another thing. When something is really funny to you, you throw your head back and laugh. Which makes us laugh. Which makes you do it even more!

In the past week or so, your vocabulary has been growing!
You have started saying papa (for grandpa), Ashley, Blake, & Maddie. Family names!
You've started saying papi (for M) alot more, which makes your papi really happy.
Please - has been heard by everyone BUT me.
And, Yo Gabba Gabba is what you say almost non-stop. You see a TV - yo gabba gabba? Phone - yo gabba gabba? PlayStation remote - yo gabba gabba? Laptop - yo gaba gaba? You are a big fan.

You've mastered the art of tantrums. Seriously. Yesterday alone, you threw yourself in the kitchen floor with loud cries about 5 times. In the span of one hour. I know you are a toddler and you are testing your limits and learning right from wrong but some days? It's just hard. You like to throw things now. I think that's partially mine and M's fault from playing around in front of her. We're trying to un-teach that one!

You can count to 3 with help from us. When you feel like doing it. Because you are in charge of everything these days! You love clapping when you do something right. And you really love helping out. With dishes, with laundry, with cleaning up the table and your toys.

You are still really shy around people. You get scared easily too. Loud noises, new people, doctor appointments. Freaks you out and you cling to mama.

You weigh just shy of 25 lbs.
You are 32/33 inches tall, I believe.
Wearing mostly 18-24 month clothing. Size 5 shoes. Size 4 diapers.
Napping at least once a day. On days where we stay home, we can usually get two naps out of you. You go to bed around 8 pm and wake up around 7 am.
You have almost a full set of teeth, minus ones in the very back. And you love to brush them!

Eating-wise, you are still big on snacking and not so much on meals. You love to feed yourself with adult forks though. And, it's getting harder and harder to get you to take sippy cups. You want big girl cups and straws. You still love all the same foods, with a new found love of fruit loops and ice cream cones.

We are still attempting potty-training, at a very slow rate. I don't believe you are completely ready but I am following your cues and introducing the potty. You understand we go pee & poop in the potty and you've got a new obsession with throwing toilet paper in the potty or wiping yourself. We can get you to sit in the potty for a few seconds but you get a little freaked out. Or annoyed.

You are growing up so fast and so beautifully. I know these days won't last long so I am soaking them in. I love you little girl, with everything I have.


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