August 5, 2011


Friday nights used to mean relaxing. And dates. Oh, the dates.

I love date nights. Even in pre-Lia times, date nights were special. There's just something about setting aside time and making a point to spend it with a special someone.

These days, I always have a date. With a toddler! Our Friday nights now are full of bath times, family moments and nightly routines. Occasionally, we will venture out for a few errands or shopping. We spend more time chasing after a toddler than shopping. Sometimes we try our hand at a family dinner in an actual restaurant. We I usually plead quietly that L behaves and gives us a tantrum-free time.

Friday nights are totally different these days. But that's okay. It's our life now.

I wouldn't trade our Friday nights for anything, tantrums and all.

Tonight we went the shopping & dinner route. Lia was amazing. She acted like such a big girl and we didn't get any tantrums. I am one proud mama. Because in the past month or two, she has learned the art of tantrums and she tests her limits. Often.

 Excuse the bad, blurry phone pic. But L was saying cheese for the camera and it was to-die-for cute.

I got L some cute, new skinny jeans while we were out. I'm slowly building her Fall/Winter wardrobe when I can get good deals. The basics, at least. She is gonna look so adorable. I'm excited! Fall - we are so ready for you to take over.


  1. I agree..we are slowly but surely grabbing warmer clothes for the colder months ahead! She is such a cutie!! Tantrums won't stop until they move out of our homes in a couple of decades...we have a ways to go haha.

  2. Is this photo from Outback?!!? We're slowing adding to our winter wardrobe too. PLUS Krysta starts school next week! *tears*


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