August 19, 2011


Yesterday, M and I were butting heads. Just annoying each other a bit.

We hopped in the car a few hours later to run some errands and the clouds outside were dark and dreary. Like us.

I was driving along, thinking about how much I love when the weather matches my mood. And when mother nature let go and the raindrops hit the car, I felt relieved. Less annoyed.

I reached for M's hand. My white flag. He grabbed mine. And that was that. Our storm was over and mother nature's storm cleared out.

We ran our errands, had a nice family dinner and when we got back in the car for the ride home I realized that I was just as peaceful on the inside as the skies were outside.

Life isn't always rainbows and sunshine, but there always rainbows and sunshine in life. Just remember that life is this incredible, amazing and suprisingly simple thing. I believe that things always work out and everything has a reason.

Just gotta ride it out like a storm.

                                                                    Source: via kristy on Pinterest


Welcome to today. I really am glad I wrote this while waiting for my work shift to start yesterday. Today is not a peaceful sunshiney day. It's slightly annoying. The L-bug feels the need to be extra whiny. The DMV visit cost me $100 extra than what I was expecting and once again, the cable company is having an outage. For the countless time this month.

So I am riding out today's storm with Mexican food and a nice walk/jog downtown today. Good combo, huh? It would so be fro-yo. We just don't have one in our town yet.

This whole change: I think it's really coming more natural this time. I don't feel I am forcing myself to do (or not do!) anything, I am just making better decisions as they come along. I'd still love your recipes though!

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  1. I love when the weather matches my mood. Lately the sunny weather is making me sad. When I get out of work and the hot air hits my face it makes me feel so homesick. It's silly, but the summer and fall is my favorite in Michigan and I've pretty much missed summer and will be missing fall....lame! :D

    Hope your weekend is better than your day today


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