July 18, 2011


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I posted my summer to-do list about a month ago. And then, I left it alone. I wanted to have fun this summer and enjoy what we did. Not just check things off a list. So, I didn't.

But, now I am! Summer will be ending before we know it. I know school is back in session in some places and that definitely puts an end to summer. I thought I'd repost our list and check off what we've done. And see what more fun lies ahead!
My summer to-do list:
Watch classic summer movies like The Parent Trap and Dirty Dancing.We got these through Netflix and I loved watching The Parent Trap! We had a mini-marathon watching The Parent Trap 1 & 2 and the remake with Lindsey Lohan. Even M enjoyed it! *wink*
Go to a baseball game. We made it a family event and headed out to the Kinston Indians game on military night.
Make homemade popsicles.
Raleigh Flea Market. Total bummer. We went later in the day to try and beat the heat and most people had left. Most likely because of the heat. But, we ended that night with a rodeo so we still had some summer fun!
Fly a kite.
Have a picnic. Bought a new picnic basket & blanket and we have put it to good use. Several times!
Take Lia to the aquarium.
Play a round of mini golf.
Feed ducks at the park.
Go to a fair or street festival.
Take a trip to Myrtle Beach.
Go to the Outer Banks.
Wash our cars.
Play croquet.
Perfect my chicken salad recipe. It's a classic miracle whip vs mayo debate.
Start my herb garden.
Sonic happy hour.
Rent bicyles and ride downtown. We'll be doing a repeat of this for my birthday!
Take Lia to the library for storytime on Fridays.
Water park.
See fireworks!

We haven't gone crazy with our list but we've crossed off a few and genuinely had fun! Now I have some ideas for the remainder of the summer.

Did you make a summer list? How's it going?

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