July 2, 2011

p365 - week 26.

176. What! You don't take bread to the bath with you? Maybe that's just L-bug.
177.  L and her poppa taking a walk on the beach. My sister says it looked just like me and my dad when I was little.
178. Late-night car shopping!
179. Lia's new trick. She climbs on top of tables and thinks she rules the world. I've got my hands full.
180. My new car!
181. A frog jumped onto my car as I was pulling into my driveway. Freaked me out but these things tend to happen in the South.
182. Kind of hard to see in a small picture but...Baby footprints ♥ Also, she got her first pair of Reefs. Flip flops are a must in NC.


  1. love the car!
    ps the hubby and i can't live without our reefs! so happy that we can wear them a lot more since we're living in warmer weather.

  2. Ha i would probably drive my car into something if a little froggy would jump on my car out of nowhere!



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