July 25, 2011


Okay, I know...everyone has blogged about pinterest by now. I've been using it for a few months but now I finally have time to just pour over it and pine my little heart away.

BTW, I've got a few invites left so send me those email addresses! You really don't want to miss out on all the goodness that's on pinterest. And if you want to follow me, you can look me up by my name (Kristy Villa).

My loves are 500ish miles away visiting family in New York. I stayed behind because I've got work this week and couldn't really ask for the time off. So what's a girl to do when she's missing her loves dearly and really has no other agenda?

Why, blog and surf the interwebs. Of course. And maybe a little movie marathon. I'm thinking Sex and The City? I really wanna have a Meg Ryan marathon but her movies always remind me of Fall (You've Got Mail, anyone?) and after stocking B&B Works with Halloween decor and Fall scented candles last night I am impatiently waiting for this heat wave to pass and bring me a crisp, cool Autumn.

In fact, all week my mind has been drifting to next season.

From my new rosy nail polish...

                                                                                         Source: target.com via kristy on Pinterest

To this shirt I've been dreaming of and dropping oh-so-subtle hints to M about.

                                                                              Source: oldnavy.gap.com via kristy on Pinterest

I think I need to write up a post all about crossing off our summer to-do list before I go a little too crazy with wishing away time!

Since I have all this time on my hands and really shouldn't spend all day on pinterest, I think I'll try to fit in some reading, knitting (I haven't knitted in months!) and organizing photos. You know, all the things that's way harder to do when you've got a very curious and independent toddler running around!

But really, how else am I going to get through the week without moments like these?

 Yes, that's cookie crumbs. Oreo's to be exact! 
That girl is my entire world...and more.

M called me earlier from NY using FaceTime so I could my babe. Hands down, totally makes owning an iPhone worth it. Her face lit up when she saw it was mommy on the phone. And, I shed a few tears.

I think I'll end this totally random post here, go make some popcorn and watching Pretty Little Liars with my nephew. He's totally addicted now. Funny, huh?!

Good night to you all!


  1. too cute!! I love Pinterest too!! I just sit for hours pressing the like button! lol

  2. pinterest is one of my biggest addictions right now :S


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