June 3, 2011

playing catch-up.

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We're home.

We've actually been home almost a week. We've been crazy busy since!

I am so behind on, uh everything?! Laundry, blogging, any/all social-ness/networks, to-do lists, organizing photos, uploading photos. Ugh describes it all.

I'm slowly catching up in any little slot of time I can find. It's not easy but I am determined to get back on track.

Oh. And I got a job! Nothing major. It's a small part-time job at Bath & Body Works. I'll be working to set the store up for sales. But, it's a little bit of extra money in our pockets and a foot in the door.

We're still waiting on news for M's job situation. For now, we're hopeful something will happen soon!

I've caught up on Project365. Will be posting tomorrow's on schedule! I've also got 2 posts being worked on and they should be up anything within the next week (wishful thinking say's next few days!).

Now, I'm shutting down the power and heading to bed. Time for some sleep! It's been a crazy day full of thrift shopping. I'll show you later the mounds of stuff we got!

Have an amazing weekend!

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  1. we need pictures!!! :)
    I wish your husband luck on the job search


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