June 26, 2011

p365 - week 24 & 25.

162. Night out with the siblings at Milligans. It's a bar/pool hall.
163. We made heart shapes on the ceiling with a light instead of going to sleep!
164. Us posing with the kicking machine. Gotta love feeling like a tourist in your home town.
165. L-bug at lunch with her Aunt Shell.
166. Pretty girl eating a cookie cake. Look at those eyelashes!
167. L snuggling with her Brobee on the way to South Carolina.
168. Paula Deen's restaurant. We say it on our tour of downtown Savannah.

169. South of the Border. Cheesey roadside touristy fun!
170. No picture :(
171. L has taken to grabbing the picture of her cousin (my sister's daughter) and kissing it!
172. Mommy & Lia date to Coopers for a bananna snowball.
173. Waterpark day!
174. Late night mexican dinner. Not so healthy but it hit the spot!
175. Lunch with M at Pollock Street Deli.

Whew. Caught up! So, last week I played around with the blog design. Maybe this week I'll sort through the recent photos/trips and get some posts up. Maybe!

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