June 4, 2011


Oh sweet blog, how I've missed you!

This past week & a 1/2ish has been crazy. Absolutely full of fun and laughs and family. Which is the way life should be, I believe. It was exactly what my little family needed. A small break of our everyday "norm" life we've had the past few months and a taste of our old well-missed life.

And we have missed our life. We missed the smells & sights of the city, the highways and busyness. The food. The places to visit. The family and friends we haven't seen in so long.

Trust me, we soaked it in. From the minute we arrived in the city, we had plans every. single. day.

We got to see some amazing friends who we call family. Some are moving to Hawaii in the next week or so and they will be dearly missed. Although we are totally going to plan a trip there! The others just had a beautiful baby. She's still in the hospital so if you pray, can you spare one? Her name is Josephine and she's absolutely presh. We were lucky enough to see her and it totally made my day.

We took advantage of our Bronx Zoo season pass and used it one last time. Felt like old times. Only with had a toddler who actually wanted to run around and enjoy the zoo versus a baby who just hangs out. Okay, so maybe it was slightly different than old times...

We stormed the city stopping at Build-A-Bear. Jamba Juice. Popbar. Forever 21. Fao Scharwtz. Victoria's Secret. Times Square ToysRUs. We shopped till we dropped.

Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Somewhere in Manhattan. P.S. That's M's little sister! We ♥ her.

FAO Schwarz - The Big Piano. Did you see it in Big?

We did family breakfast and family parties.

I wish we had more time. I wish we had seen more people. But I am truly glad we had the time we did. I'm so blessed to have the memories we made on this trip. I realize now that I didn't appreciate NY as much as I could have. Isn't that how it always (sadly!) works? We don't know what we have until its gone.

I truly left a piece of my heart in New York. The city captured a part of me that small-town living doesn't. Maybe one day we'll find ourselves back there. Maybe. Until then, we'll keep living and finding beauty wherever else life takes us.

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