June 22, 2011


I wish I had a better excuse for my quietness around here. It's not that I am exactly uninspired, I just truly do not feel like sitting down and sorting out the mess (in my head and of the thousands of photos I've taken lately!) and updating.
Life here doesn't feel like our old life, so while we go day by day doing what we need to do I just don't really have much to represent on the blog. It's kind of weird to explain. I don't feel settled, I don't think I will no matter how long we are here so it's really hard to blog on an everyday/normal basis as I did when my head is so far from everything.

This past weekend, we went to Savannah GA/Parris Island area SC. It was a bootcamp graduation/mini family vacation. I took lots of pictures! I will try to get around to them this week or so. I'll also try to get around to posting this past weeks P365. We had an awesome time! We completely love the area we were visting. We are (fingers crossed, hoping to not jinx us or get our hopes crushed) hoping/wanting to get a job in that area. And soon, at that. Say a prayer, throw good karma out there, wish on 11:11 for us. Whatever it is you do, do it for us! I have...

L-bug is getting huge! I mean like, totally smart and sassy and full-on toddler huge. I have so much to update about her that I'll save for another post. Let's just say, I fall in love with her more and more each day.

Now that it's almost 1 AM and I had no intention of blogging this late, I think I'll end it here. Just wanted to post something...try to clear the bloggy cobwebs.

If you're still following/reading, THANK YOU! I promise, once a job comes along and we move into our own home and things become normal and routine (however normal things can be after this) this
blog will be getting a whole lot more attention!

Until then, other than monthly Lia posts and P365, I'll try to update here and there when I am motivated but it will probably stay a little on the quiet side.

So thanks for being patient and sticking along with me.

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