June 7, 2011

big girls don't cry.

You're belting out the song now, aren't you?  I would be too, only I'd be fighting to be heard over the sounds of a video game and Angry birds being played on my iPhone beside me.

But to my story. Big girls don't cry. Like when they are getting their very first haircut. Or pooping on the toilet for the first time.

But L-bug did both this week. And cryed while doing so. That means she is still a baby, right? Oh. It doesn't work that way? Big girls do, in fact, cry?

I may need to cry then.

So while I cry over my wee babe not being so wee anymore, you enjoy these pictures of my big girl.

I have to give my sister a HUGE thanks for giving Lia her 1st haircut. We've waited 17 months so she could do it and I am so glad we did. She did an awesome job!

I wish there were pictures of her pooping. You know, the clean version
that doesn't show her goods or  the stinky goods. I'm not for pulling a Kate Gosselin and having those pictures to prove it. But my hand was covered in poop that had smeared out of her diaper that was somehow on crooked so with my only clean hand I was trying to keep a not-so-toilet friendly todder on the toilet. Total mom moment there.

Seriously though, my kid pooped in the toilet. I'm not saying we are super good in the potty training department. I just got to her while she was starting to poop and plopped her down and luckily she stayed on long enough. I'm pretty sure we scared her back off with all the loud cheering we I was doing.

That's whats been going on around here these days. Tomorrow the beach is calling our names. It's gonna be a hot one.

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