May 16, 2011


It was a simple, laid-back weekend but we had so much fun! It was so great having some alone time. Not that having my parents so close isn't great, but everyone needs some space sometimes.

We kicked off Friday night by making mini meatball sandwiches. Awesome.

M and I are trying to get L outside after dinner every night in hopes to run off some of her never-ending energy. Apparently toddlers are pretty keen on being outside. From the minute she's up to the minute she goes to sleep, she wants to be outside.

Once we got L-bug back in the house & settled in for the night, M and I had a perfect 'popcorn & a movie' evening. If your wondering, No Strings Attached is a really cute movie!

Saturday morning was one of those 'make a good breakfast and take your time getting ready' kind of mornings. I got up with L and we made M pancakes and bacon. Sort of a "thanks, babe" for the breakfast he made for me on Friday. The air show on a local base was on our agenda after we ate. It. Was. Hot. This mama decided to wear new wedges to look cute - yeah, that didn't turn out well. So, heat + blisters + a hot baby who wanted to be carried around = us, leaving soon after. We got lunch, browsed Target, then headed home and set up L-bugs new pool. She enjoyed it!

Saturday night was a family date night. On a whim, we hit up Outback and it was delish. L pretty much attacked my salad! The people at the table across from us thought it was THE cutest thing they had ever seen. We ended up at the mall to buy M a Yankee cap then we grabbed ice cream and headed home. We were exhausted.

Sunday we relaxed. And had a Yo Gabba Gabba dance party. L-bug danced her booty off and pretended to swim like a fish. We moved some furniture around/organized a bit later that evening.

Now, we're prepping for a busy 2 weeks! I moved our stuff from my sister's room to the den and set up our "new bedroom". She's graduating from college and coming home soon. This week I'll be planning for two back-to-back trips, packing bags, doing tons of laundry and crossing items off my to-do list.

I am so excited for our upcoming anniversary trip - just praying the weather is in our favor! And next week, if all goes well and as planned, we'll be going to NY. Visit M's family, our friends who are moving very soon and our other friends who will be having a baby girl tomorrow!

Hope you all have a lovely week! 

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  1. Mmmm those sandwhiches look delisssh!!! But yay for a wonderful weekend! Have a great week!!


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