May 23, 2011

We had an amazing weekend! Charlotte is a beautiful city. In fact, we just loved that is was a city. We were surpised how much we've missed buildings, the city pace and highways! It was a short 2 1/2 day visit but we jammed it full o' fun.

I wish I could tell you all about it now but...we're leaving for NY in 5 hours. Yep, we are the crazy people who leave at 4 AM in hopes of a sleeping baby!  We got home from our trip yesterday evening and spent today picking up, washing laundry and repacking suitcases and the car. We've been busy!

As soon as I get back next week, I promise a real post and catchup P365 posts!

Me, enjoying Charlotte. Oh, and I chopped off my hair!

L-bug playing around in Ikea.

Me & my love at Carowinds.

Hope you all have an amazing week!

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P365 | WEEK 19

May 18, 2011

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127. Date night ♥
128. Bowling on Mother's Day.
129. Playing at the park with Papi.
130. Trying out her new carseat.
131. Testing out her new chair in Wal-Mart. Thanks Grandma!
132. Having fun outside! One of her favorite things to do now.
133. Hanging outside, again. Told you it was her favorite.
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Sometimes in the South, we use lawnmowers for entertainment. We are cool like that.

Don't let Lia's face fool you. She had fun. She's just really good at controlling her excitement. Okay, maybe that's not true. Maybe she was a little nervous. But, she did have fun.

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May 16, 2011

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It was a simple, laid-back weekend but we had so much fun! It was so great having some alone time. Not that having my parents so close isn't great, but everyone needs some space sometimes.

We kicked off Friday night by making mini meatball sandwiches. Awesome.

M and I are trying to get L outside after dinner every night in hopes to run off some of her never-ending energy. Apparently toddlers are pretty keen on being outside. From the minute she's up to the minute she goes to sleep, she wants to be outside.

Once we got L-bug back in the house & settled in for the night, M and I had a perfect 'popcorn & a movie' evening. If your wondering, No Strings Attached is a really cute movie!

Saturday morning was one of those 'make a good breakfast and take your time getting ready' kind of mornings. I got up with L and we made M pancakes and bacon. Sort of a "thanks, babe" for the breakfast he made for me on Friday. The air show on a local base was on our agenda after we ate. It. Was. Hot. This mama decided to wear new wedges to look cute - yeah, that didn't turn out well. So, heat + blisters + a hot baby who wanted to be carried around = us, leaving soon after. We got lunch, browsed Target, then headed home and set up L-bugs new pool. She enjoyed it!

Saturday night was a family date night. On a whim, we hit up Outback and it was delish. L pretty much attacked my salad! The people at the table across from us thought it was THE cutest thing they had ever seen. We ended up at the mall to buy M a Yankee cap then we grabbed ice cream and headed home. We were exhausted.

Sunday we relaxed. And had a Yo Gabba Gabba dance party. L-bug danced her booty off and pretended to swim like a fish. We moved some furniture around/organized a bit later that evening.

Now, we're prepping for a busy 2 weeks! I moved our stuff from my sister's room to the den and set up our "new bedroom". She's graduating from college and coming home soon. This week I'll be planning for two back-to-back trips, packing bags, doing tons of laundry and crossing items off my to-do list.

I am so excited for our upcoming anniversary trip - just praying the weather is in our favor! And next week, if all goes well and as planned, we'll be going to NY. Visit M's family, our friends who are moving very soon and our other friends who will be having a baby girl tomorrow!

Hope you all have a lovely week! 

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times are a'changing.

May 13, 2011

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I wonder sometimes why I don't blog as much as I'd like. Or why can't I blog more often when I know I can do it. I did finish my 101 in 1001 task of blogging everyday for an entire month. Then I remember how hard it is to simply sit down and do it. Take last night for example - I got L-bug to bed, I picked up the obvious messes in the living room/kitchen areas, grabbed a notebook and a glass of tea and was all ready to type a post out. Blogger's broken. Really? You couldn't break on the hundreds of other nights where I don't find the time to sit down? So, I open up a word document and the computer bings - you have 7 minutes to juice up the battery or I'm dying on you. And, it's always more like 2 or 3 minutes. After all that - sometimes I feel like giving up. I love blogging and I hate to think of it as a hassle but sometimes? It is!

Anyways, now that my little rant is out - here's the blog post I was brewing in my head all yesterday.

My little girl isn't so little anymore. Cliche, right? But for real, it hit me like a billion times yesterday. She's not a baby. She's a full-blown toddler almost half way to turning 2. How did this happen? I thought people were lying when they said time flies. The tantrums and bad days may feel like they last forever but in the grand scheme of things - time flies.

It seems she's been growing at an even faster rate these pase few months. She is learning so much, copying others and babbling all the time. I usually look at her like she's a baby but then she'll do something or react to something I do and I'm thinking oh sh*t, she's a real kid now. Like the other day, I left her in the car while M and I ran into my sister's house to grab something. We were gone maybe 2 minutes and when we got back, she looked totally bewildered with tears streaming down her face. My heart broke into a million pieces. I had scared her. I had worried her. What a crap move I had just made! Or a few days ago, when my brother-in-law was babysitting L. She had pooped in her diaper so she went to "tell" him, aka tap him & babble and pull on her diaper, then she grabbed his hand and led him to where the diapers where. Uh, smart much? Then, a day or two ago, she was hanging out in my mom's room and she grabbed my mom's hand, pulled her to the bathroom and motioned for the toilet and actually sat on the big toilet! I don't think she comprehends when she *has* to go, but sister knows where to go at. It's exciting but so scary too. How did my wee little babe get here? Wasn't it just yesterday I was screaming at doctors to cut her out of me? Wasn't it just hours ago I was feeding her from a teeny tiny bottle where an ounce would fill up her little belly?

Wait, it wasn't? It was 16 months ago?? Can't I go back to the past for just a few minutes? I just want to soak up her chubby cheeks and sweet smile. I want a few moments of cuddling a newborn and teaching a 4 month old how to eat cereal. I was looking at a picture of L-bug on the fridge yesterday - it was when she was 10 months old - and I can't remember it. I remember the day, the moment, everything perfectly. But I can't remember how to take care of a 10 month old. My brain is on todder-mode right now and I miss the old days.

Don't get me wrong, I love where we are now too. We're starting the potty training stage. Nothing indepth, just sitting her on a training potty and telling her that's where we go pee at. We bought her a big girl toothbrush and showed her how to brush her teeth. She got the hang of it real quick and her smile of accomplishment just melted my heart.

She's a thrill-seeker, through and through. The girl loves her slides and she doesn't just go for the toddler slides at the park. No, she's giddy for the big kid slide. Her laugh is infectious. Whenever she gets the giggles, you can bet M and I get them too She is amazing. Hearing her learn new words practically every day and watching her copy things we do gets me every time. We're starting to catch ourselves and realize we really need to watch what we do because L is watching every move we make, even when we think she isn't.

I guess what I mean is that life is amazing and family is amazing. I don't always remember that but it's true. I feel so completely blessed and honored to be their wife and mom. So blessed.

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p365 - week 18

May 9, 2011


120. Strawberry Festival. L-bug played games with grandma!
121. I really have to get back on the ball with this project!
122. How I spent my evening.
123. Cutie Lia looking like a boy in the tub :)
124. She loves the cookies her aunt Shell sends from Germany.
125. My new book.
126. New shoes, too! Thanks babe.

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May 5, 2011

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I've thought about this post for days. I've thought about taking a mini-blog break. To clear my head and figure some things out. But, I don't think leaving will really fix anything. I am going to blog when I feel like it, not when I feel like I am supposed to.

If you read this post, then you know I've not been myself lately. I've been bitter and angry and as I explained to M last night, I feel stripped of who I am because of the situation I am in. I let myself get down in the dumps, but instead of picking myself up and brushing it off, I let it pull me further down.

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I wasn't the best wife. I haven't been the best mom. Anything and everything that describes me, well, I failed it.
                                                                        Source: 30.media.tumblr.com via kristy on Pinterest

That stops today. I have this little piece of inspiration still floating around and I'm grabbing onto it and holding on for dear life. For my life. My life and my marriage is really taking a hit and it isn't fair. I can be sad and not happy about the situation, that's allowed. I just can't let it control me and move me where it wants too.

Whenever Lia falls down, I teach her that it's okay. Just stand back up and brush yourself off. For her, it's just a physical lesson right now. She actually brushes her hands together to rub off dirt. Side note - it's totally the cutest thing ever. But for me, it's going to be a much bigger life lesson.

                                                                             Source: etsy.com via kristy on Pinterest

I am determined to just pick myself off, brush off the last few months of crud and get back out there. I feel (and hope) if I surround myself with inspiration and the things and people that I love, I'll get through this rough patch.

Not having our home or our regular, everyday life is bugging me. I need to learn to be happy anywhere, because life is going to throw us some curve balls every now and then.

I have gotten so much support from some amazing bloggy gals out there and to you - I say Thank You! Thanks for sticking around my blog, thanks for inspiring words and sweet tweets. You girls are truly awesome.

I starting to read "The Happiness Project". I am hoping it inspires change in me and motivates me enough to start the change.

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I am so behind on your monthly letters, little girl. I had planned on doing them for just the first year then turning them into a book. But who am I kidding? You are so amazing these days, I owe it to you and me to keep up with these letters again!

The months seem to fly by. I can't believe you are so big already. Your second birthday will be right around the corner before we know it.

You are not a girly-girl. I read blogs of other little girls your age who like to dress up and wear their momma's jewelry and treat their dolls with care and love. That is not you! You are inquisitive and smart and so curious. You like to figure out how things work, open and close them, turn them off and on. You never stop. You are a bundle of endless energy, between your naps that is! You still love your Little People but any kind of balls and music are quickly becoming your favorite. We can't walk past the big bouncy balls in Target without you trying to take one out and lug it around the store. Any time you hear music, you start bouncing up and down and nodding your head. You sing in the car, too.

You are a very sassy girl with a very short temper. You want things your way, when you want them. Otherwise, you throw huge tantrums. We are working on that. You are spoiled by everyone, but we are working to make sure you aren't too spoiled. Your personality is huge! I look back on your baby days and everything was so different. I loved it and I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss those days, but babe, I love these days too. It's so much fun seeing how you react to things. Seeing you learn new things everyday and using words. Sometimes I feel we aren't doing enough for you, as far as teaching you things. I'm going to try hard to work on that more from now on.

You don't use words often to ask for what you want but you do know how to get your point across. You've figured out how to grab our hands and pull us in whatever direction you want to go. You stomp your feet when you want someone to hold or pick you up. You are very good at letting us know what you need.

I've been meaning to start a list of all the words you can say. For now, these are what I can remember!
Tres (three in Spanish)

We speak to you in Spanish and English. Well, daddy speaks to you in Spanish! I am hoping you grow up to be bilingual and speak both languages well.

You love all the dogs you get to hang out with in grandma's house. You can tell the difference between Toby & Chloe (two dachshunds) when we ask you where one of them is. You love playing outside. It's really hot and humid here in NC this time of the year so we don't go outside as often, but when we do, you have so much fun!

We went to the Strawberry Festival last weekend. We bought you a new bow and when we showed it to you, you put it on your head. You are so smart! They had some animals out there as well, you said "duck" when we showed you what a duck was and you got to pet the baby sheep. You were a little nervous at first but once you saw it was a sweet animal you perked right up. You kept saying duck and waving "bye-bye" to the animals!

You eat pretty much anything. You are off the bottle. We offer you one bottle of milk every night but you rarely take it. We only offer it because you really don't want to drink milk out of a sippy cup and you still don't understand that squeezing juice/milk boxes will cause the beverage to go everywhere! 

Your favorite foods are:
Animal crackers
Mac and Cheese
Pasta of any type
Mandarin Oranges
Cheese (you are famous for going to the fridge when someone opens the door and opening the bottom drawer and getting a slice of cheese out!)
Fruit pouches (pureed fruit)

We try to get you good, healthy meals but you really aren't a fan of any meats. You will eat veggies and fruit and cheese all day long though, so that's your typical meal. We try to stick to water all day for you and one cup of juice diluted with water.

You are still a good sleeper. You take two naps a day (if we are home and on your schedule) lasting for 1-2 hours each. You are awake every morning between 6-730 AM and you go to bed around 8 PM. We don't have much of a routine for those. You get a bath every other night and you aren't into sitting still for books nor taking a bottle/cup of milk. We know it's nap time when you get overly cranky and whiny. When it's bed time, we offer you milk and snuggle in the chair if you take it. Otherwise, we grab your paci and you say goodnight to everyone and we lay you down in your crib. Lately you've been crying when you lay down for naps but usually you go right to sleep.

You still think Yo Gabba Gabba and dancing are two awesome things. You love being pulled around in your wagon. You love bubbles. You seem to be a thrill seeker at a young age!

22 lbs
29 inches
You've got 11 teeth. 8 in the front (top and bottom), 2 on the left and right on top (I think they are molars) and 1 coming in on the bottom right (also thinking it's a molar).
Still wearing the size 4 diaper and shoe. Sadly, I gave you my high instep so not all shoes fit you.
You mostly are wearing 18-24 month clothing. A few 12 month things fit you and the same goes for a few 2T items.
Your hair is crazy long and I am counting the days for aunt Shell to come home and cut it!
You recently got new glasses, the plastic kind which I recommend to anyone needing glasses for kiddos! You wear them all the time, minus when you are sleeping. They don't see to bother you one bit and I know you see better with them on.

You are my sunshine and my rock little girl. Daddy and I love you so very much and we are so proud of you. Keeping rocking your amazing self, I can't wait too see how much you grow in the next month!

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p365 - week 17

May 1, 2011


113. Knocked out after a day of shopping!
114. All dolled up for Easter.
115. Sporting her new glasses.
116. She learned how to hold her nose. She thinks its the funniest thing ever!
117. Love her orange spaghetti stained face.
118. Stormy skies on one of the days we had tornado warnings.
119. Mini date night. We went to Target and Books-A-Million. Swoon!

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