April 11, 2011

real momma, real style.

Momma Go Round

This week, I'm linking up several outfits with Real Momma, Real Style. It's not like I haven't been trying. I just haven't been posting the pictures! Lazy and crazy.

Outfit #1 was this week and I really stepped out of my comfort zone. How much whiter could my legs be?

Necklace - Lisa Leonard
Cardi - Old Navy
Lacy camisole - Charlotte Russe
Tank top - Old Navy
Skirt - Old Navy
Sandals that scream Spring - Target
Chunky belt - GAP

Outfit #2
I really stink at modeling so I took advice from Momma Go Round and got silly.
Also, I reuse items. Alot.

Sunglasses/Camisole - Charlotte Russe
Cardi/Shirt/Capri's - Old Navy
Belt - GAP
Flip flops - Roxy. Borrowed from my sister. Thanks ashes, even though I didn't ask you ;)

Outfit #3

Cardi/Belt/Jeans - Old Navy
Cami - Charlotte Russe
Shirt - Old Navy, I think. It's old.
Flats - Target

It's sad how much I reuse certain pieces but I am just starting to learn what I really like and what works and what doesn't. Once I get better at that and get my butt in gear to losing a few pounds, I'll hopefully have some new stuff to work with!


  1. LOVE IT silly girl! Welcome to the "we are not models, just goofs" club, population us! I feel ya on the white legs...and I thought LJ was white! Lovin that camel striped sweater on you. Super cute!

  2. Cute outfits. Love how everything is a little bit funky and classic at the same time. And what a cute little person in the picture with you.

  3. I'm so with you on the pictures of yourself thing. I may try the goof thing next time. Your outfits are great and I love the sandals in the first pic.

  4. I might have to make a run for some red sandals!


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