April 17, 2011

p365 - week 15

 It's week 15. I know I've been behind in blogging but I'm drained. Drained of inspiration and creativity, drained of patience. Just drained. I'm going to try and get back into the swing of things. If not for me and my sanity, but for Lia and her memories.

99. Enjoying our day at the Azalea Festival.
100. Lia is driving! Kidding. We were hanging out in the car before lunch with friends.
101. My silly girl.
102. Self-explained.
103. I was sick and in the house all. day. long. When I let Toby out to pee, I saw this. Beautiful skies perked me up a bit.
104. A purse. Because M and I got to do a little shopping on our own and there was no need for a diaper bag!
105. Trying out the new nail strips from Sally Hanson! Perfect for moms who really don't have the time to let nail polish dry.


  1. I love the bag! That is great to catch the beautiful sky in a picture!
    I hope you are doing okay. Are you overwhelmed right now?

  2. hang in there! my inspiration seems to be running more and more often as our moving day approaches.
    I know it's hard to be inspired and motivated when we have to much on our plates. Hang in there, it'll get better!

  3. How did those nail strips work? I've been wondering about them. Hope you have a terrific week and feel less stressed this week.

  4. LOVE the pictures! OMG lia is so pulling a Britney! And the one with the sky is just stunning.

  5. Love the picts and the purse! I hope you don't feel so drained this upcoming week :)


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