April 5, 2011

no-reply blogger. boo.

I love getting comments! I love reading all the lovely, happy things you ladies have to say about me, my family and my blog.

But you wanna know what I don't love? Trying to reply to you by email and getting the no-reply blogger address.

I'd love to be able to reply to you guys directly from the comment email so that I know I've responded and I don't forget to stop by your blog later and leave a comment that has nothing to do with your post. For some reason, that makes me feel really awkward.

Wanna know how to help me?

1. Go to your dashboard.
2. Click "edit profile".
3. Make sure "show my email address" is checked.
4. Then make sure YOUR email address is filled in the little box under your user name.
5. Save profile!
I did this awhile back after reading something similar to this on one of my favorite blogs and it has made keeping in contact with my fave bloggers so much easier!


  1. Thanks for the tip - I guess I never paid attention to that before.

  2. Me too!! That is one thing that bugs me. Another one is trying to comment on a hundred blogs I love reading and clicking publish, and then nearly closing the window before I realize I have to do the Word Verification thing. I've often lost comments because I closed out of the window too soon....

  3. Ah! I didn't even know this existed! I just did it, thanks for the tip!


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