April 3, 2011

it's a blog party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

The lovely ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom are back at it with this here's Ultimate Blog Party. I joined in last year and had a lot of fun. I even won a cool prize package!

Hi, I'm Kristy. A twenty-something mom and wife.  I was born and raised in the South but now my heart is in NC and NY. I'm the middle child with 2 sisters and 1 brother. I drink sweet tea every day. I have a serious chocoalate addicton. One Tree Hill is my favorite TV show. I love reading, knitting, crafting/blogging during nap time and most of all, my wonderful little family.

This is my family.

M is my amazing husband and hero. He served 7 years in the Marine Corp and he just recently got out. We've been together for 5 years and married for almost 4. He was born and raised in NY in a big hispanic family. He is awesome, funny, a wonderful dad, a Yankees fan and totally supportive.

L is our 15 month old daughter. She's beautiful, sassy, oh so smart and such a fun & happy little girl. Being a mom is what I was meant to be.

Toby, aka Tobes or Tolberone is our 3 year old dachshund. He thinks he is human. I don't have the heart to tell him otherwise.

A Little Something was created a couple years ago so I could keep our families and friends updated in our lives since we can't always be near them. My love for blogging really grew once L was born and I found new friends and all kinds of inspiration in the blog-iverse.

This blog is now mostly about Lia. It serves as a different kind of baby book. But it's also chock full of me and what I like (like my new knitting hobby obsession), yummy recipes and little moments of our lives.

Kick back, grab a glass of sweet tea and come along for the ride of our life.


  1. Stopping by from UBP. Your little girl is adorable. I am a sweet tea junkie too.

  2. I think I might start knitting. It seems like a nice hobby to start..that you can work on as you go. I've never told you this..but we certainly pray for our troops and their families everyday. I know he just got out..but it's just as stressful for us spouses and it is for those who are actually serving. We have less than 8 months left, and I cannot wait to get out!

  3. Here from the party!

    I'm from NC as well, and although I don't really consider myself southern, I do love me some sweet tea! But it has to be really, really sweet!

  4. Hi! I found you through the UBP.

    Your daughter is adorable ^_^! Such cute pictures!

    Nice to "meet" you haha

  5. Hi, I'm dropping by from the UBP! I love your fun, happy pictures. I had a quick look through your recent posts and noticed that you love to read - me too! One of my favourite authors is Jodi Picoult. LOVE her books! xx

  6. Oh my goodness your little family is just too perfect! I actually saw your profile photo following another blog of you and your daughter face to face! It was just the cutest thing so I had to check out your blog, which I'm glad I did! I'm your newest follower! Yay! :)

    Little Lady

  7. Hi Kristy! Nice to meet you :)
    You have a beautiful family and look forward to reading more. New follower

  8. hello there, gorgeous!

    i'm a new follower and i've got to say YOU have an adorable little family! just look at you!

    what a neat idea for a post i love it!

    come say hello sometime! maybe even follow if you'd like. we'd absolutely love to have you around!

    <3, kandice


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