April 28, 2011


It's late, I know. But here's the shorter version of the deleted Easter post.

Lia woke up to tons of goodies.

Really, could a kid ask for more?

Church plans ending up flopping, so we headed outside to play while we figured out the plans.

We decided on lunch with the family. But we got all dolled up for a mini photo shoot first. Which turned out to be a good plan because miss independent refuses to wear bibs and came back home with a macaroni stained dress.

last easter & this easter.

my siblings, minus one amazing sister.

After lunch we had the egg hunt. And little miss? Yeah, she knew exactly what to do.

My heart swelled with joy and happiness as I watched her run around the yard finding eggs and breaking them open for the treats inside.

lia & daddy - lia & poppa. her two favorite guys ♥

We had a great Easter! Now, if I could just stop eating the candy...

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  1. Love Lia's Easter dress! Looks like she made out like a bandit :).


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