March 7, 2011

real momma, real style.

I'm linking up with Nina over at Momma Go Round to show off my real momma style! I've been meaning to do this for weeks but I either got distracted, busy or plain forgot. I'm really excited to join in today!

This weeks look was all about comfort while still looking cute. We were on day two


of driving to NC and I knew I'd be in the car at least six to seven hours. I wanted something pretty comfortable but I didn't want to look lazy or blah. Hence a white tee (a favorite classic of mine), a slouchy cardigan and converse. The baseball cap came into play figuring I'd be having a bad hair day considering my flat iron was buried somewhere in my car. It usually pays to think ahead!

It's hard to take pictures without my cutie getting in them!

Hat - Target
Scarf - Old Navy
White tee - Target
Slouchy cardi - Gap
Jeans - Gap, thrifted
Shoes - Converse

Momma Go Round


  1. Perfect travel outfit! I absolutely love that gap cardi too!

  2. Dang girl you look AWESOME for a car ride! I usully look like my closet threw up on me :( That slouchy cardi is awesome! It looks really great on you.

    So happy you joined up this week!

  3. I love this casual look! Very cute on you!

  4. Love the outfit! Looks very comfy :).

  5. I'm obsessed with cardis! It's a staple in my wardrobe! ;)

  6. very comfy...however I must ask you to burn that hat whenever you get a chance : ) The yankees make my blood boil

  7. you look great for a car ride! Love your little girl. too cute.

  8. I should take your advice my next road trip! I'm always in sweats, this look is much better :)

  9. Hi there! Found your blog on Top Baby Blogs. I have a hard time forcing myself to put on cute clothes every day, but I'm trying. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Hope you'll stop by some time :)


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