March 23, 2011


I've been gone too long. Far too long. I know... I want to say oh my gosh, that'll never happen again and I'll be on the best bloggy behavior but I don't wanna lie to you. Instead, I promise to try harder to keep myself organized so I can tell you guys all kinds of cool (sometimes boring!) stuff.
For now, here's a rambling of what our life is lookin' like now.

We are still living with my parents in NC. The job that was offered to Manny is under a hiring freeze. He is applying to jobs and all we can do is leave it up to God and know that the right job will come along when it's meant to. For now, I am trying not to stress or worry.

I got a new iPhone! It's pretty awesome. But, not as awesome as my hubby who let me take his phone upgrade when he HATES his phone. For reals. I am a lucky girl.

I also took up knitting. I am knitting something which is basically nothing as I'm trying to get the feel of knitting but it feels great saying "I can knit...sort of". And honestly, I'm pretty much loving it.

Lia is in that "getting hurt everytime I turn around" stage. But it's not scratches or bruises, it's cuts. She falls in the living room on carpet and cuts her nose?! She cut her finger playing with a razor in the bathroom. Total mommy fail there. And, she somehow bit through her lip. I hope this stage ends soon!

This limbo stage of life has thrown me for a loop. I am trying to make the best of it but not having my own space for myself and my family totally makes my head jumbled and confused and I reallly lose track of things. But, limbos don't last forever. I just gotta keep my head up and figure our way through.

I am sure that made no sense to you guys.

We bought Lia her first pair of Vans the other day. They are the Yo Gabba Gabba Vans. Just the most awesomest shoes. Ever. She loves them. I lurve them.

My mom got on a plane for Germany today to visit my sister. I'm jealous. But seriously mom, HAVE FUN!! And bring me back something cool. You know I'm easy to pick for.

I'm craving the feel of a real blog post. But I don't have the mental capacity to get one out. Plus, my contact is slowing coming out of my left eye and I'm too lazy to get eyedrops from the bathroom.

I hate when my shirt gets wet when I'm washing dishes. Not that it has anything to do with anything.

I tipped over L-bugs stroller in the mall today and my sweet tea went EVERYWHERE. M grabbed the stuff, I grabbed L and I walked the heck out of there real fast. I was embarrased. And, I didn't know what to do. Lame?

What a waste of good sweet tea...

And the stroller? It's new too. We finally splurged for a real stroller, L's was really crappy. We decided on the Maclaren Quest Sport. I lurve that too.

I have a goal to lose 25lbs by my 25th birthday in August. Ya'll, I really need the movtivation.

Lia is really becoming a thrill-loving, outdoorsy kinda gal. That makes this mama happy!

Okay, if your still reading this then you are seriously the best! If you aren't, I totally don't blame you.

Hope you are all having an amazing week and maybe some Spring-like weather? It was in the 80s today in the south!

I've got a couple post ideas brewing around in my head and scrimbled down on notes so I'll try to get them going this week!


  1. hahahaha the last pic of Lia got me smiling :D
    I miss you girl,I hope you get all together and come back (for real) soon.
    We live through stages in life, every single one is diferent but we must squeeze all the goodies of it without paying too much atention to the cons.
    It will get better and I know you know it, and now you know that I know that you know it ;)

  2. What a great picture! ...and yes I did read every word of that rambling. I'm a rambler so I appreciate a little blog rambling sometimes! lol

  3. Stopping over from Pandiola Lane. Thanks for becoming my follower!

    I think we were destined to meet in blog land - I just got an iPhone too AND I have the same purple dot background AND my husband let me have the phone upgrade even though he HATES his current phone.

    Your daughter is precious! I'm a new follower too!


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