March 21, 2011

p365 - week 11

This week's post is seriously late and my horrible attempt at an excuse will come later.

71. A yummy cupcake on a bad day.
72. Nothing says spring better than some fun with chalk!
73. Lia-bug ♥
74. Silly girl eating her spaghetti.
75. I'm learning how to knit!
76. Lia being such a good girl on the way to Greenville for shopping!
77. Testing out her new swing. An early Easter present from grandma!

PS. I'm so sorry for being quiet around here. I'll be back soon, promise!


  1. Lia is cute as ALWAYS!! Thats fun you are learning to knit! I have always wanted to know how, I hope its fairly simple!

  2. I love baby swings! I hope she really likes it. And...I adore your new blog button!


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