March 6, 2011


It feels weird not blogging for a week(ish) after having blogged every day of February. But, it's hard to settle in when you're in limbo. And if I'm not settled in, I don't get much of anything done. I really feel the need to get back to a somewhat schedule.

So...our big move. It went really well. We broke up the driving into two days. L did amazing for the length of time she was in her carseat and when she did get fussy then a paci, a snack or a couple rounds of the name game (Lia lia bo bia, banana nanna fo fia) usually got her happy again.

Us girls in our hotel room

I don't think it has really hit us that we're in a new chapter of our lives. It feels like we're on vacation here and we'll be going back to New York soon. But I know that's not the case. Driving through New Jersey and seeing the beautiful city behind me was bittersweet. I am happy to start a new journey, but I do love that city. There are so many memories we have. So much time we spent there. It's already dearly missed.

I may be a southern girl, but I left a piece of my heart in New York City.

Along with a computer desk, two chairs, a vacuum/mop/broom, a microwave, a Fisher-Price picnic table, a printer, a slew of hampers & storage bins, a bicycle, a cooler and a toaster.

Yeah - we sort of got the moving truck a size (or two!) too small. I didn't realize how much crap we had until we packed. And, while none of it is truly "crap" or worthless, no three person family really needs that much stuff. They don't. We don't. We packed what fit and gave away the rest. When we get to South Carolina, I am paring down. I really need to simplify our life a bit.

About SC, it's looking really good that we'll have a job down there by the end of March or into April. I'm really excited about that!

As for our time in North Carolina, we are enjoying it. L is in lurve with her poppa. She wants him all.the.time. She's pretty smitten with her grandma too. In fact, she'll choose both of them over me. And that has never happened before. She loves being able to run around outside and actually ride in her little car. We took her to the park yesterday and she had loads of fun on the swings and checking out the other kids.

I have high hopes and a small amount of motivation to use this limbo time for the good. Take the time for a craft, work out, have a date with M. Isn't it crazy how much we can say we wanna do stuff but we never get off our butts and do it? Or is that just me?! But, maybe putting it out there will help me. You guys can motivate me (and call me out when I slack) on really using this time.

I wanna work on my 101 in 1001 list, I want to lose 50 pounds (but I think I'll make a ten pound goal and work from there), I want to craft more, take walks with my loves, check out the Farmers Market here, get out and do something!

We should all strive for something from ourselves and our lives.

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  1. YAY I have missed reading your blog!! I am excited to see you posted again! Glad that the move went well, We are driving from Utah to Canada come May, So I am nervous to drive all that way with Olivia, but what you said gives me hope!


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