March 25, 2011

all things lia.

Lia has been pulling at my heartstrings lately. Big time.

My little monkey has been changing and growing so much. She does something that amazes me each and every day. And I realized, I haven't blogged about her much. This blog, this little piece where I can write to my hearts desire is supposed to be filled with love and memories and quirky stories and all things I love. It's a better baby book than those pretty ones in Hallmark that I yearn to buy but know I will never fill them out.

So why haven't I posted all these amazing stories about Lia? All these small, treasured tidbits I want to remember forever? I know for a fact that her very special Aunt Shell would die to hear these things and probably wants to kick my booty for not posting them more often.

I think I got sidetrack with staying on top of everything else and letting blogging feel like a chore, something I have to do and not something I want to run to when something fantastic comes along that I can wait to share.

I really need to remember why I love having a blog. It fills my heart to the brim with pure joy and happiness when I read back and remember things I otherwise wouldn't remember.

So here's to remembering. And not just keeping up.

And for remembrance sake, I almost cried tonight. My little girl wowed my socks off. M was changing her diaper and when he was done he told her to put it in the trash. What do you know, L takes the diaper, walks to the trash can, makes sure that it was open, threw her diaper in then closed the lid. Then she gave me the biggest grin. Seriously is she a genius or do all 15 month olds do that?!

She is so funny and so particular. If a door or baby gate is open, she closes it. Open cabinet? She closes it. Ask her to clean up? She puts everything back in it's place. She's done eating? She stacks her fork/plate/cup and hands it to you. I've no clue where she learned this. I didn't "teach" her. I guess she is just very observant. Home girl is makin' mama real proud!


  1. such a big girl!! love love this post!

  2. Kristy, Lia is so stinking cute and the perfect mix of your hubby and you :).


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