February 3, 2011

where i'm at...

April over at Marine Parents has a fun blog hop going on. Where I'm at...is basically a picture/blog about where you blog from. I'm nosy and I love seeing into other people's home. Whenever M and I go to the city,  there's always this one building we drive by on our way out of the city that has large windows. The windows are always open and lights are usually on so I always peak in whenever we drive by. Weird, huh?

So, for you other nosy people, here's where I'm at. And yes, I threw away the trash and straightened up papers before I took the pictures!

Our little computer corner. I'm dreaming of a bigger desk...

There's usually a random pile of stuff that lands here.

Link up and have fun!


  1. oh i am in love with your adorable blogging nook!!!

    we have the same phone! do you love it?? i got it when it first launched and had to get three different phones before one finally worked 100% right... now it's chipped, slobbered and sticky. {motherhood!}

    i love that blog, too ;)

  2. I think its adorable!

  3. That's adorable and so clean. I wish my desk was that clean! :)


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