February 25, 2011

a short post.

I. Am. Exhausted.

Between packing all day (ps, thanks to my awesome sis-in-law for all of her help!), going to the doctor for a blood test, running errands, dealing with Lia and Tobes, getting pissed about having no-hot water and just feeling tired in general, I am done.

I am looking forward to a (hopefully!) hot shower and relaxation before another big day of packing tomorrrow.

Only two full days left in New York. It still doesn't seem real yet....

Oh, and look who learned how to feed herself with a spoon!

Haircut, anyone?


  1. yay Lia!! she's adorable!

  2. I didn't know you live(d) in new york! That is awesome!! but yeah I bet you are soooo tired! Thats so much work and no hot water! Yikes I would be not a very happy girl!


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