February 23, 2011

quick blog question!

Okay, so this has stumped me since day one of blogging. I've kinda just struggled along making the best of it, but now I'm asking you guys!

How do you respond to your comments? Do you just be sure to return the comment love on a post of the blogger? Do you email them? What if they ask you a direct question?

What's the easiest, best way for me to communicate and let you know that I do read your comments and they are all so lovely and important to me?

I wish there was just this amazing reply button where I could send my feedback right to you from my comment. I tryed one comment program from another website (does that make sense?) but it wasn't working at so well.

So, help! It would be greatly appreciated :)


  1. oh my goodness, if you figure it out please let me know, because I totally have no idea either ... which is pretty lame since I've been blogging for almost 3 years, lol

  2. I've been wondering the same thing! I usually just reply on my post under their comment but I don't think many people make it back to see if you replied. I do that all the time, reply and intend to go back to see their response later and I always forget! Blogger should hook us up with a good comment function! Lol

  3. Do you know what I just realized? There is an option when you post a comment to email follow up comments to you! I never realized that...lol

  4. There's a lot of bloggers I follow that are using Disqus, I haven't try it yet but apparently it's good.

  5. Yes, as Sabrina said, you can have your comments sent to your email. Then (as long as the commenter has listed an email address) you can just reply back to the email. Of course, there are the comments that come from "noreply@blogger...." and you can't respond to those, but for the most part, you can just respond in email.

    Hope this helps.


  6. Email is the easiest way!! But comments always help me connect to other bloggers so I usually try to check out their blog and answer back by commenting on one of their posts. I usually end up following and have made some good friends this way :)

  7. I just started receiving comments on my blog and I have them sent to my email also!


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