February 19, 2011

P365 | WEEK 7

I'm feeling so good about keeping up with this project! It's becoming almost like a second nature to snap a picture every day. Almost.

43. Silly lovers.
44. Self portrait.
45. Heart shaped pancakes on Valentine's Day.
46. Roses from M. One for each of his Valentines.
47. A really bad cell phone picture. But, I love that Lia is so content to just hang out in her car sometimes. She'll get in, then out, then back in, and back out. It's seriously too cute!
48. Another bad cell phone pic. The hubs left this message for me. I lurve him.
49. A girl and her toys. It's not often she actually plays with them, but for this moment, it's nice to see her do it.

If you can't read the TV message, it says...Clean Me PS I ♥ you KAV (my initials)

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  1. OOPS! Sorry Kristy, I totally messed it up, but I corrected my post and still gave you credit for giving me the info. Your awesome for helping me find an easy tutorial. Looks like your daughter has some musical aspirations. So cute.

  2. I love that you are taking pictures everyday! That is such a great idea even if its something random!

  3. You're doing great at taking a picture every day! I love the message on the tv, lol.


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