February 12, 2011

P365 - week 6.

Week 6 is here already. I've been doing good with the project, much better than I expected!
This week's pictures are chock full of NC goodness.

36. L-bug, knocked out during the car ride to my parent's house after a not fun flight.
37. The beautiful waterfront in Morehead City.
38. One of Lia's classic messes! This time it's sprawled all over my mom's kitchen floor.
39. A mini photo shoot.
40. Oh, Krispy Kreme. You taste like heaven.
41. Bojangles heart-shaped biscuit. Yum!
42. Dollarstorelovedayballoon overload. Yeah....

Me and L flew back home today. The flight back was a lot smoother than our first. The Raleigh airport has the nicest security. Ever! The plane was pretty empty, so we got our own row. Lia was a little antsy when I had to hold her during take-off but she settled down for the most party afterwards. Thanks to Yo Gabba Gabba, juice, animal crackers and cheerios. Halfway through, she was so tired from being up early and it being naptime that she fell asleep and didn't wake up until we had landed and were getting off the plane!

It's so nice to be back home and to be with M again. We aren't unpacked yet but I did clean up the kitchen, do some grocery shopping, pick up the mess Lia made in the living room the minute we got home and swept the floors!

I think I'll do some cleaning tomorrow and have a nice family day. Then, we're expecting my sister to fly in from Germany this week!

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

I just want to say thanks to everyone who left such sweet comments on my "big news" post! It's very scary and nerve-wracking but reading your words made me feel so much better. I have awesome readers!


  1. So glad your flight home went much smoother and I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that says: "chock full :)"

  2. Good thing your flight was better!! Thats soo nerve wrecking! Krispy Kremes are sooo good, but you can just taste the carbs haha

    The Smith Circle


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