February 1, 2011

the one where we got our new sofa.

Have you ever built furniture?
Well, I haven't. But, I came pretty close. In my mind anyways...
So, remember back to our house disaster (as I've come to lovingly call it)?

Insurance paid to replace our water-damaged sofa, so we headed to Ikea as soon as our check cleared.

Of course, we payed for the sofa before they told us we couldn't pick it up until 10 pm that night. We headed back home, annoyed, and M went back that night to pick it up.

He came home with two large boxes and we had a "scratch our head" kind of moment wondering how our sofa was in two boxes.

Here's one of the two.

I know Ikea is going through this "lowering prices" thing and trying to figure out ways to flat-pack even more to save money. But, I don't know. This was a bit much. I swear it was a lot more weirder in person than these pictures depict. And, I really don't think this sofa was any cheaper than last year...

Here's the before of our sofa. Seriously, it was just a bunch of pieces.
We had a bunch of doo-hickeys and thingamabobs.

The sofa is actually 3 pieces, screwed together of sorts. The two bases and part of the chaise. We had to screw the bases together, screw the arm rests on and put the legs on.

We had to put the legs on the ottoman part and screwed some connecting piece on and hooked it under the sofa base.

Then, we threw on the cushions + slipcovered it.

Now, I just need new curtains...

Okay, so no it's not like we really built anything. But even for Ikea, this was a little out there. However, I do totally lurve my new sofa. It's very comfy!

Is anyone else having problems with blogger messing up your posts by adding or taking away breaks in your post once you post it? The html seems to be all weird lately...


  1. I lurve ikea! and i love that you use the word lurve. hahahaha, cuz i do too! and i've totally been having issues with blogger. it inserts breaks so sometimes i have giant gaps between photos or blurbs.

  2. Oh my! How cruel!! I EXTREMELY dislike assembling!
    But - it looks GREAT! :)

  3. I love your new sofa! Its soooo cute and I am glad its comfy!


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