February 6, 2011


Jet Blue,
That extra leg room on your flights is pretty awesome. I really appreciate the TV screens in the back of the headrests too. Spongebob was a nice tool to quiet my kid for a few minutes. On another note, I'm sorry for the child-sized smudgy hand prints all over the window and TV screen in seat 17A. And for the missing guides that my child grabbed and threw elsewhere...

Your security people could really be more helpful. If I tell you my bag is stuck in the x-ray machine, please listen and give it a tiny nudge. Please don't let the machine knock it over and throw all my crap everywhere then fumble around and drop the stuff on the floor.

Lady looking all pissy behind me in the security check line,
If I'm struggling to keep track of my kid and putting on our shoes and diaper bag spillage and my 3 other bins, don't bother trying to help me yank my stroller off the x-ray belt. Really, I've got it. Just worry that I'm blocking your one tiny bin of crap. You've got the "I'm gonna stand here looking confused and pissed off all at the same time" look down pat.

Possible seat-mate on our flight back,
I apologize deeply and many times for what my child may or may not put you through.

Your dirty rice and sweet tea were heavenly and just what I needed last night!

L-bug and I got to NC safe. She is loving the sunshine and grass and time with her grandparents. I'm loving it too. We went to a chocolate festival today and drove down by the waterfront in Beaufort. Gorgeous! Then, we grilled out (in February, seriously?!) some steaks and my brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner. It took Lia a while but she warmed up and let her uncle hold her and gave him goodbye kisses. The smiles on his face are priceless.

Our trip here was a bit rough. Lia wasn't feeling the whole sitting still situation. Thankfully the seat beside us was empty and Lia spent half the time crawling all over that. We were a bit of a mess. But the beautiful weather today and seeing how truly happy my dad and brother were to see Lia makes it all worth it.

I'm looking forward to some BBQ and shopping in Jacksonville tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your Superbowl Sunday! Go Packers!

Am I the only one or was the halftime show less than stellar?


  1. hahahahahaha you're so funny!
    I'm glad to hear about the flight, it must be terrible to travel with a crying-all-the-time baby. I don't know how mine is gonna be.
    Have a suuuuuper great time over there ;)

  2. OMG you went to Beaufort! You were seriously less than a mile from my house! I grew up on Front Street (Beaufort Waterfront)!

  3. Haha, I laughed at this post. Too funny and so true. Oh and you're more brave than I am because I would never take Jackson on an airplane. Probably not even in the next 5 years, haha.

  4. You are brave for traveling on the airplane! I did it once when my little girl was 3 months and it was soo nerve wrecking, the flight was only an hour and a half, but I was sooo worried she would start screaming her head off!


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