February 22, 2011

i'm a baby clothes hoarder!

A keep pile.

Seriously ya'll, it's kind of a problem. I've been so lucky to find such good deals on clothing and receive so much from our family who loves to spoil L. But when it comes to packing up or getting rid of her out-grown clothes, I play the what-if game.

What if...we have another girl?
What if...I get rid of something I ended up needing?
What if...I regret giving away her baby clothes?

What if. What if. What if!

The other keep pile.

In every other aspect, I am not a hoarder. Every so often, I purge the house of stuff we no longer use or need. At least once a summer, I hold a big yard sale and take the leftovers to Goodwill.

There's just something about those tiny, adorable clothes. And there is SO MANY! I've got one large space bag full of baby blankets/burp clothes/wash clothes and two Rubbermaid's full of clothes I can't part with. That's after I did another purge and set aside three bags of clothing and a small box for two of my friends. One who just had a little girl and a second expecting one in a few months.

Pile for friends.

Pile for friends.

I know there are things in the "keep" box that I don't absolutely need. But, I'm not ready to part with them just yet. M and I are not done growing our family. We want at least one more kid, if not more. I keeping telling myself that if our next child is a boy, then I'll do another purge of Lia's clothing. I'm sure by then there will be tons more.

I think, as long as I know one day I will be ready, then it's okay to hold on to them for now. What do you think? I know the clothing isn't the actual memory, but she is my baby. And, they sure are tiny and adorable!

For now, they will get packed up with all the other pieces of our story until we settle into our next chapter!

What do you with old baby clothing? Any good organizing or storing ideas? I think I'd like to make quilts out of some special pieces one day...


  1. I would love to know what you find out as far as tips because I just store hers in her closet, but its going to be too much very soon!! I am hoping we have another girl so I don't want to give them away, but seriously?! thats like holding on to every clothing I have ever worn haha

  2. I have the same problem with Jackson's clothes. He's a year now and after I realized I had 3 huge tubs of his clothes, something had to give. I actually consign a lot of his clothes now (since he wears most of his super cute outfits once or twice before outgrowing them.) I just drop them off at a local kid's consignment shop and pick up my cash when they've sold. I saved lots of outfits that had significance or outfits that I just loved and the rest were donated, given away or consigned. We're not going to be adding to our family for at least another 5 years so the way I look at it, there will be so many more cute clothes available then, haha. Good luck!

  3. Hi Krista,

    I saw your mention of storing your daughter's clothes in a Space Bag and thought I'd say thank you for the shout out. Space Bag products are airtight and waterproof, meaning they'll protect your young one's clothes from dust, dirt, mildew and bugs - plus you'll be saving space! If you'd like more organizing tips, please visit Space Bag's online community at www.SpaceSaversCommunity.com. Feel free to use the "contact us" form on our site if you'd like to get in touch.

    Best wishes,
    Space Savers community correspondent

  4. I'm with you in this one. Alice has gown fast (like every kid) but I can't get rid of her clothes, right now I have a drawer and a box full. I'll be checking the comments for ideas.

  5. LOL! I do the exact same thing. If my mother in law hadn't put me onto the space saver bags I don't know how we would've stored Nadia's clothes and stuff. They are great! I highly recommend. Just the other day Brandon went to attempt to organize the garage and he set aside just the baby stuff--it was about a third of the stored items we owned! I'm keeping everything til we're done having children because you never know ;-)


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