February 27, 2011

if I never have to move again.

If I never had to move again well, I'd be pretty cool with that. But since I know that's impossible, we just have to make the best of it.

The best of this move is...

My father-in-law literally playing tetris with the moving truck and using every inch of space it had. We doubted him but he totally proved us wrong!

Finding a moment to play patty-cake and itsy bitsy spider with Lia.

At least having internet on my phone.

The Mcdonalds food my hubby is coming home with.

Not having to lean this house tomorrow, even thought it's costing us a couple hundred.

L giving everyone goodbye kisses.

Family and friends here to pitch in. That was a lot of extra hands!

Realizing we really need to pare down and simplify our life. Noone really needs this much stuff...

Sitting in the kitchen, surrounded by all of our extra stuff, watching L try to lift a pretty heavy box of paintballs. The girls got some determination and strength.

Knowing in two days we will be in North Carolina and starting our new life!

Now, I'm going to enjoy my food!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of work but how exciting for a fresh start in a new place! Best of luck girl! :)


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