February 3, 2011


The hubs will be going to some classes next week and the idea of staying holed up with L-bug in this house for a week without him just didn't seem too appealing. Being the wonderful man he is, he looked into flights and is sending us down South!

L and I will be visiting my parents in my little ole' hometown in NC. Home is definitely where my heart is. I can't wait to get to some family and sunshine and grass! Honestly, I haven't seen grass since before Christmas. Winter is no longer a wonderland..

Of course, we're gonna miss M so much. But it'll be nice to get out and get a fresh outlook on things again. Maybe we can come back ready to handle more winter storms!

I'm already dreaming of trips to the park, lunch with friends, renting chick-flicks with my mom, eating real southern BBQ (the good vinegary kind), shopping in J-Ville, shoes other than snowboots....

I'm nervous about the flight. It's only an hour and a half. But still, Lia isn't much of a sit-still kinda gal. Any traveling-experienced mamas out there got any advice? I'll be armed with sippy cups full of apple juice, her favorite snacks and Yo Gabba Gabba on my laptop!

I'm off to unload the dishwasher, make a packing list and cook L some breakfast. Happy (hopefully sunny and not freezing)Thursday!


  1. I dont have any advice to give but that was so sweet of M!! I hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy this non-tundra!

  2. Luckily you have a short flight I seem to always end up with a reall long layover. Just take anything you think will occupy her while flying. And if she throws a fit just remember you aren't the first mom to go through it. We usually take snacks, sippy cups, books, toys, and a blanket. those are the must haves for us.

  3. Gosh - I hope it is warmer in NC than it is here in GA! Either way it will be fun for you to visit home. :)

  4. awesome! when do you fly out?
    I flew solo with Will and Krysta on an 18 hour flight with 3 layovers, which totaled being in airports for over 24 hours. NO FUN! I HIGHLY recommend getting some new toys, so she's intrigued. also snacks and a sippy!

    HAVE FUN!!!!


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