January 11, 2011


Thankful Tuesday is coming at you late today. My days have been BUSY! Just since Saturday, I've had Ikea trips, building sofas, a babyshower, WIC appt, doctor appt, 4 trips to Target/grocery stores, a birthday dinner for a friend and a spouse's luncheon. Whew! Therefore, I'll leave the linky up until tomorrow if anyone (seriously, anyone at all?!) wants to join in. I know you have something to be thankful for!

That being said...this week I am thankful for:
A good community of people. Not everyone in NY is great, but the military spouses here can be pretty close and that's nice to have.
A warm house because of this snow storm headed our way.
The snowstorm. So maybe life will stop for a day and I can play catch-up with the house!
A beautiful little girl. She never ceases to put a smile on my face.
My house being completely fixed.
Our new sofa. It's so comfy.
Having places to go this week so L and I weren't stuck at home everyday.
My new followers! You guys are awesome. It amazes me that you guys want to read what my life is about!


  1. I'm on my phone now but when I get a chance I'll join in! :)


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