January 26, 2011

recipe: snow cream!

I saw this great tutorial on making snow ice cream last week! I already knew how to make snow cream (as I grew up calling it). My mom would help us make it on every (rare!) snow day we got. But this blogger took it to a whole new level of awesomeness. She dyed it pink and green. And she threw on sprinkles!

It just so happened to snow last week while my sister-in-law was here. What could of sister would I be if I didn't enlighten her to what snow cream is?

She said it tasted like flan. I'm still a little clueless on that one...

Here goes.
You're gonna need snow. Clean snow. I like to place a bowl on the back porch or patio table once it starts snowing. Leave it, forget about it. Go back and fetch it when it's full. Then, your gonna need to put it in the freezer while you gather up your ingredients.

I like to use evaporated milk, sugar and vanilla. And, of course, food coloring now that I have been enlightened. I have no measurements. I like to just pour. And taste. And pour some more. And taste some more. If you need a measurement kind of tute, check out the link above.

Start with the evaporated milk. I used about 1/4ish of the small can. Then a couple tablespoons of sugar. And a few drops of vanilla. After that, taste test it. I basically just added a bit more sugar at the end to make it really sweet.

It's going to end up looking kind of like melting ice cream. You can refreeze when you're done. I like to eat mine right away in all it's slurpy goodness. The flavor seems to be the best that way. But, this time I did refreeze for about an hour.

Seriously, it's delish. It's snowing today too.
Kind of makes me want to make some more...


  1. that is so cool! I've never heard of this, but may have to try it before the winter is over! :D


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