January 23, 2011

recipe: easy leftover stir-fry

Here's the promised recipe!

I don't know why I haven't posted this before. A few nights ago, I needed a quick and easy dinner to make so I could go to the gym that evening. After looking in the fridge and enlisting facebook friends for help, I saw some leftover chicken stew and it hit me. Our favorite leftover stir fry recipe.

This is a recipe my dad created back when I lived at home. To this day, if I'm hungry and looking for something to eat, my dad will offer to cook me this. I call it "dads leftover stir-fry". You can call it something else!

We typically use left-overs but you can always cook this up from scratch if you wanted to.

What you need:
Any meat will basically work.  I love to use leftover pork tenderloin, chicken or steak.
Potatoes. Red, yellow, Yukon, Idaho. Doesn't matter!
Hot sauce.
Parmesan cheese.
Salt + pepper.
Canned corn and/or other vegetables.

Here's what you do:
Dice up your potatoes. Using raw ones? Cook them before hand. Don't let them cook too well, otherwise they will mush when you try to cut them.
Shred your meat. Using raw meat? Cook it before hand as well.
Heat up a little olive oil in a skillet. Toss in meat + potatoes.
Add seasonings. Add hot pepper. Add parmesan cheese. It's all to your liking, no measurements. I like quite a bit of hot sauce and a lot of parmesan cheese.
Let it cook up a bit together, then add in your corn. I bet onions and/or peppers would be great in it too.

There were carrots in my stew, so they made it into here. Tasted great!

I like to serve this up with some crusty french bread. But, all I had on hand was toast. Some cornbread or southern biscuits would be awesome too.


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