January 22, 2011

p365 - week 3.

Week 3...and I'm still going strong! This week was full of date nights, good food and a little shopping. I threw in some cleaning and cute faces from L-bug for good measure.

15.  L's new skirt for Valentine's Day. Clearance at Old Navy rocks!
16. Brownie sundaes with homemade caramel sauce for some date night dessert.
17. There's nothing like some citrus scented cleaning supplies to help with the winter blues.
18. The characters of a super easy & delicious dinner. Recipe to come soon!
19. What? 2 date nights this weeks! Date night in the city ♥
20. L-bug's funny spaghetti face.
21. Snow cream. Delish! Recipe to come soon, too.


  1. how fun to have date night in city! Must be so much fun!

  2. I'm finally getting caught up on all of my favorite blogs! :) Looking forward to the recipes and that spaghetti pic is adorable!


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