January 7, 2011

P365 | WEEK 1

1. What better way to start the new year than a great day in a great city with my family! Times Square, baby.
2. Okay, I cheated a bit with this one. M took the photo, but I was there when he took it. And this photo marks L turning over a big-girl leaf and testing out her brand spankin' new car seat! That justifies it, right? Right.
3. My hubby knows just the way to make a girl's crummy day better. Her favorite flower.
4. Sometimes, you just need the creamy, delicious comfort that comes in the form of that blue box.
5. Can you spot the weiner dog in this picture? I'll give you a hint - he's all warm and snuggly!
6. This is what happens to your nightstand when you are basically living out of your bedroom with a one year old and a sinus infection. Why yes, that is a creepy tiki man on my nightstand. And, no. He doesn't usually live there.
7. A rare shot of my morning bug. Paci? Check. Mama's cell phone? Check. Dress from last night that you slept in because it was a late-ish night and mama and daddy were tired and you were asleep when we got home? Check!

So, week one was a great start! I actually remembered to take pictures and took a lot throughout the week.
Let's hope I can keep this track record...

If you're doing the P365 challenge, leave a comment. I'd love to check out your photos!

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