January 5, 2011


I feel like CRUD! I was stuck in bed last night with some serious back spasms. My mom's retro heating pad was my best friend last night. Well, my second best friend. My first was my uh-mazing hubby who took care of me and L-bug while my back was hating on me.

I'm feeling a bit better (back-wise) this morning. I can actually walk and pick up Lia. But, now i'm getting slammed with a sinus infection. Let me tell you, it is NO fun. Zip, zilch, nada.

Getting through the days lately hasn't been fun or easy. Being sick sucks, but having the house a total mess is worse. Me and L have to stay upstairs all day, unless she's napping and I get a little work downstairs done or I'm cooking and she's hanging out in her high chair.

The silver lining seems to be shining through...and not a day too soon! After several talks/complaints with our housing complex we should have a new floor by the end of this week. They are matching up our existing wood at the floor store today. And, yes...they did try to just sand the floors down knowing there was a good possibility of water under the floors and they would end up not matching the rest of the house. But, after standing my ground, *fingers crossed* they will get all the supplies today and come back tomorrow ready to rip up the existing floor and lay down the new one. I. Can't. Wait.

I just keep thinking about the moment I get to sit down on my new sofa in a clean, put-back-together and relax with my loves.

Our original sofas are from Ikea. They are from the Ektorp line and seriously, they are awesome! My only irk about them is when I remove the covers to wash them, the cushions are filled with feathers and they fly out. But, in their defense, it could be because the cushions went through quite a few drycleaning sessions due to our wonderful lil' dachshund who was going through some behavior issues for a bit. We'll see what happens with the new one.

In case ya'll are itching to know what we've decided on, here's a sneak peak!
We are going to salvage our loveseat sofa bed. The cover is all that got wet so we'll buy a cover to match the new sofa.

I am still trying to stay positive. I am anxious to get our house back in order so I can feel like my head and life are back in order. I'm ready to dive into my resolutions!

Did any of you make resolutions? How's it going? I'd love to hear!

Ikea has in no way persuaded me to write about their products. I seriously just lurve all of their stuff.

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  1. Love the sofa!! Sorry you've been feeling so yucky. It's just going around... :(

    I've made a resolution to not be so hard on myself, meaning... I need to realize that I can not be perfect all the time. I don't know if I've really done anything about it yet, but I'm going to actively try to "give myself a break" this year. :) You know, I don't HAVE to make the most perfect cupcakes to send to K's class, they are just going to get eaten so spending 8 hours on them isn't worth it. My house doesn't HAVE to be 100% perfect when someone comes over, I don't HAVE to be done up from head to toe everytime I leave the house and I don't HAVE to throw the best parties, make the cutest crafts or learn how to do everything under the sun! I make myself crazy with perfecting EVERYTHING.


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